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Harini R

Student Enrichment Mentor
Career Development Facilitator
Mathematics Aficionado
Teens Education Expert
Career Mentor

Multiple Intelligences Consultant

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Bindu K

Multiple Intelligences Consultant
Memory & Mnemonics Pro
Kids Behaviour Expert
Career Mentor

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Harini + Bindu = Poornapragya

Infinite Possibilities when you
Know Your Inherent Potential

Mathemagic Merriment
Mathability Express
Memory Techniques
Teen Skills
Smart Study Skills for Board Exams
Career Orientation for Stream Selection
Parent Orientation

MI Consultant Training for Parents, Teachers
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What We Do? We answer your Questions!

We give personalised advice, suggestions, plans, paths, information, contacts! We help you achieve your infinite potential! Contact us for answers to the following questions and more!


  • Do you have concerns about your child’s education path?
  • Do you want to know how successful your child’s life can be?
  • Do you want to understand your child’s innate potential?
  • Do you see lots of jobs getting obsolete and wonder what are the jobs that will remain in demand?
  • Do you feel your child can do much better but needs some motivation and direction?
  • Is your child into sports/music/dance/art and you are exploring futuristic careers in non-academic fields?
  • Are YOU looking for a change in careers? Early careers (Age 23-35), mid careers (Age 35+)
  • Are YOU an Empty Nester – kids have grown and flown, and you now have time on your hands?

Any other parenting and child’s education and career related queries are welcome!

School Studies:

  • Do you think your child can do better with studies?
  • Is your child struggling with studies?
  • Does your child make a lot of spelling mistakes and calculation mistakes?
  • Does your child need direction and motivation?
  • Does your child need help with setting up a timetable and sticking to it?
  • Does your child know their optimum study styles and smart study tricks?

Any other parenting and child’s education and career related queries are welcome!

Extra-curricular Activities:

  • Does your child show some innate talent, that has the potential to be honed into genius?
  • Do you want to know what your child is naturally good at, so that you can send them to classes and improve on it?
  • Do you want to know what your child is not naturally good at, so that you can send them to classes and improve on it?
  • Do you feel your child needs more motivation, discipline and direction?
  • Do you see any concerns with your child’s abilities, behaviour and interests that you would like to get tips and suggestions on?

Any other parenting and child’s education and career related queries are welcome!

Who are We ?

Harini is a well read, well travelled and an academically inclined person. She has worked in the software industry for 12+ years. After that, for the past 10+ years, she has taught maths and science to students in creative ways and has developed courses and methods to increase understanding, interest and fun in the subjects. 

She has also taught maths to IIT aspirants for the past 7 years and is an expert on vedic/speed maths and tricks to ace entrance exams.

She has lived in many cities in India and the World and has an understanding of many industries, cultures, education systems and work preferences and also many languages.

Harini currently leverages her vast knowledge, experience and wisdom to mentor and guide students on their careers and education path based on their abilities, interests, personality and strengths as a Career Development Facilitator !

She also offers advice on a personal basis on how to ace board exams, how to manage time, how to identify your study styles and what books to study for which exam as a Student Enrichment Mentor.

At PoornaPragya she develops content for the courses offered and conducts workshops on

  • Futuristic Careers – Are you ready for it?
  • Mathemagic Merriment
  • Mathability Express
  • Brain Power Memory Techniques
  • Study Smart and Study Styles
  • Time Management
  • Teen Skills

Poorna means complete and infinite, Poorna also means perfection and exhaustive.

Pragya means to discover and understand, Pragya also means knowledge and intelligence and capability!

We at PoornaPragya believe that each person is born with a unique innate potential to help them to fulfil their own unique purpose. We help identify the infinite possibilities of a person, so that they can lead a complete and fulfilled life, full of possibilities and success in their field of interest and passion.

We use several scientific methodologies to identify and measure a person’s innate strengths, their abilities, their aptitudes, their personality and their unique interests and passions.

We then combine their family background and their aspirations and dreams and map all these qualities to a futuristic study/work area that can be honed to reach your potential and find success, happiness and fulfilment in life!

At Poornapragya, We, Harini and Bindu, are Educational and Career mentors and trainers. We both hold Masters degrees. We have worked abroad as well as in India in senior positions in the corporate world, the freelance & startup world for 12+ years. Observing students struggling took us into the Student World.

Over the past 10 years, we have trained and mentored several students on behavior, education, academics, extra-curricular activities and careers.
Our workshops were co-created from our experiences with various age groups of students over last 10 years.