250 + Students Benefited

Parents & 11+ students

2 hour program

The World is changing

Technology is rapidly growing

Parents and students are overwhelmed with choices

Is the education system keeping up?

Every child is different! What will make my child successful?

What should his education path be?

Parents want students to lead a fulfilled happy life

Does my career choice suit me?

Make the right choices. The future is not one for us to see!

Testimonials, Reviews and Demos

Enjoyed the Positive Mind Space Activity!

There is a lot to learn from Future Ready Teens . The format is very engaging, full of real life examples that teen’s parents can relate to. Learnt how to relate to our child in a positive manner and also how to decide our child’s future
Parent of 7th std student.

Learnt “What is New” in world of Work

I understood how to evaluate our kids through their daily activities. Academics are crucial but Soft skills are equally important. We should put them in the field of their interest after assessing their suitability and strengths and aptitudes.
Grade 10

Connect Aptitudes, Personality & Work Styles

I enjoyed Future Ready Teens. We understood our kids better after this. I was able to connect dots between interests, aptitudes, work styles, personalities, leadership styles and how to make a right choice. With so many examples and activities, it was a very interesting talk
Grade 9

What are the available career stream my child can take up? How to make the decision?

The world of work is changing. The technology is upgraded everyday. How can we keep up ?

Parents want children to lead a happy fulfilled life at a career that is futuristic and also suits the child’s personality, interest, abilities.

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