250 + Students Benefited

7th to 12th grade students

10 hour program

Students Fall in love with Maths

Exclusive for 7th – 12th grade students

Speed, Accuracy, Fun, Excitement

Calculations from their Syllabus Used

Faster than you can imagine

Vedic Maths Tricks, Speed Maths Tricks

Parents want students to practice 6000+ sums

Avoid Silly Mistakes

Speed up maths with 30+ Techniques, Tricks and Tips

Testimonials, Reviews and Demos

I created my own shortcuts!

I loved the class. Apart from learning lots of tricks and tips, we also learnt how to apply them to our syllabus. The Mathability Express workshop gave me a base to create my own tricks and tips and shortcuts to do Maths more accurately and faster.
Grade 7

I could use the tricks in Olympiad & exams

I loved the way the teacher taught maths. I really found Mathability Express useful and exciting. The worksheets practice at Mathability Express gave me speed and accuracy and I was able to use them in my Olympiads and exams.
Grade 7

Magic Tricks got me curious about numbers

I found Mathability Express fun and adventurous. We solved many maths questions by playing games. It was made easy and interesting. It made me curious about Numbers.
Grade 7

Students love to hate Maths. But it is the foundation of any career stream you want to take up later.

30+ Techniques, 6000+ practice sums gives a base to build their speed and accuracy.

Parents want students to understand and apply basic concepts, avoid silly mistakes & speed up maths.

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