250 + Students Benefited

7th to 12th grade students

10 hour program

Students Fall in love with Studies

Exclusive for 7th – 10th grade students

Fun, Merriment, Laughter, Imagination

Concepts from their Syllabus Used

Remember Dates, Maps, Spellings

Remember Diagrams & Lists

Students to write exams happily

Avoid Silly Mistakes

Speed up exams with 15+ Techniques

Testimonials, Reviews and Demos

I can remember long answers Now!

The brain power memory techniques workshop taught me a very practical & easy approach. I apply the techniques for complicated diagrams & long answers. I love using mindmap & association method. My study time has become enjoyable. I’m glad I attended Memory Agility
Grade 9

History Dates are so Easy! No exam stress!

The memory techniques workshop was fun. I always struggled with memorizing numbers. I loved the technique to remember history dates easily. I will definitely use this in my studies. I really found Memory Agility useful and exciting.
Grade 8

I smile when I draw Diagrams in exams !

I found Memory Agility fun and adventurous. We learnt diagrams using interesting stories, so that we would never forget the labels during exams. In fact, now I am smiling while drawing diagrams during exams as I remember the related adventurous stories. No exam stress now.
Grade 10

Students fall in love with learning. It is the foundation of success in academics.

Fun, Activities and Imagination based studying is Engaging.

Parents want students to study on their own and recall easily in exams.

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