250 + Students Benefited

3rd to 6th grade students

10 hour program

Students Fall in love with Studies

Exclusive for 3rd – 6th grade students

Fun, Merriment, Laughter, Imagination

Concepts from their Syllabus Used

Remember Dates, Maps, Spellings

Remember Diagrams & Lists

Students to write exams happily

Avoid Silly Mistakes

Speed up exams with Techniques

Testimonials, Reviews and Demos

We laughed through the space Age Activity!

We played a lot of games and activities. Adventure, Solving a murder mystery, Dragon Quest and Dinosaur Parks. I liked the Space Age activity a lot as we laughed through the activity. I would love to attend Mathemagic Merriment every year
Grade 3

I loved star Wars Angles and Treasure Hunt

I loved the way the teacher taught maths. The tips and tricks will help me solve maths faster. I really found Mathemagic Merriment useful and exciting. I loved playing Treasure Hunt and Star wars. It is a very innovative method to learn maths.
Grade 6

Crime, Murder Mystery, Detective stories were fun

I found Mathemagic Merriment fun and adventurous. We solved many maths questions by playing games. It was made easy and interesting. I loved the crime and murder mystery and detective stories. I would love to attend it every week.
Grade 5

Students fall in love with learning. It is the foundation of success in academics.

Fun, Activities and Imagination based studying is Engaging.

Parents want students to study on their own and recall easily in exams.

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