100 + Students Benefited

3rd to 6th grade students

2 hour program

  • Do you KNOW that 70% of students aged 8-17 years admitted to seeing images & videos not suitable for their age
  • But only 7% of parents were aware of this
  • Do we know the dangers our children are exposed to Online?
  • How to Safeguard our children online?
  • How to Avoid Or Deal with the dangers Online?

Children are exposed to Gadgets, Gaming & Internet

As parents we teach the children how to be responsible in the real world

Do the children know how to act responsibly in the Virtual World?

Safeguard our Children from Dangers Online

Understand the settings

What are the Dangers?

Understand the rules and Laws

How to Deal with Online Harassment?

Take care with Devices

With Classes moving Online, every child has their own devices – Laptops, Gaming Consoles, Mobile Phones etc. Are they using them safely?

How to teach our children Responsible behaviour responsibly Online? What should they do with Old Gadgets? How should they behave on social Apps?

How do we know the Dangers online? What are the Dos and Donts of Online Behaviour? How to be Safe Online?

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