100+ Students Benefited

for Students aged 10+ & their Parents
A 2 Hour Discussion

  • Find your own study style!
  • How To Plan Timetable?
  • How to improve Study efficiency?
  • How to make notes?
  • How To Remember Formulas, lists, mindmaps?
  • Find your most efficient study environment
  • How To Plan Time During Exam?

How to Maximise Marks

What is my optimal Study Environment?

What is my own Study Style?

Are you using the right books, question papers, websites for your practice and study?

How to remember important points, diagrams, formulas and lists?

Question Paper Patterns and How to Practice and Correct them

Parents want children to write the exams in the best way possible without getting stressed

How to Study most efficiently in my Style

Time Management during Revision and During Exams

How can I make my child study efficiently ?
What is his personal method?

What is my best study Environment ? How should I arrange things to study more efficiently?

How to write the exam? How to get best possible marks? How to manage time during exams?

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