20 + Students Benefited
  • Parents who want to send their children abroad for studies need to start preparing early
  • Start when your child is 12+
  • Identify your child’s aptitudes, interests
  • Select a suitable University and Course
  • Build a suitable profile
  • Prepare for Exams
  • Prepare Admission forms, Letters of Recommendation, Documents etc

Be a Multiple Intelligence Consultant

You can become a Trainer of Our Courses

Be a Career Counsellor

Approach Schools on our Behalf

Be A DMIT Counsellor

Parents, Teachers, Educators, Trainers, Psychologists

Parents want students to lead a fulfilled happy life

Help People Find their Happy Careers

Be an Independent Consultant and Work for Yourself

I would like my child to study abroad. When do I need to start?

Does he need extra-curricular activities to be selected in colleges abroad?

How do I select the universities, countries, courses etc?

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