Naveen Kumar along with the team at Desiri Naturals has come up with this article. I’m copying this “‘as is” – with their permission. Please read Below

This message is an attempt to answer those who say there is no employment in the villages:

  1. The total population of India is approximately one hundred and thirty five (135) crore, consider 4 persons there in one family, which means in India we have 33 crore families and each family average consumption is 2 litre per month, which means India has a requirement of 67 Crore litre of Edibleoil.
  2. As per our Indian Tradition, if we start extracting oil using Bull driven Ghana, we can extract maximum of 20 litres per day per Ghana. which means we need 11 lakh and 25 thousand Ghana in India.
  3. As we know India has 6,51,000 villages, in each village if we install 2 Ghana we can serve the entire requirement of Edible oil in India.
  4. Each Ghana require 3 personal, and for 11,25,000 Ghanas, we can generate 33,75,000 employment in village.
  5. Each Ghana can be run using 2 Bulls which means we can give job to 22,50,000 Bulls and by which means we can avoid it going to Slaughter houses.
  6. By implementing this , around 3 lakh crore money will come to Village. This money is equal to one year’s Indian Defense Budget or a 2 year Railway Budget. Now friends tell me, we donot have jobs in village?? Why should we migrate from villages to town??,We are talking about one profession in Village, so think about how many occupations were present in villages like pottery, carpenters, blacksmiths, weavers, Skin work, hairdressers and many more.

Like this, Pure Tooth Powder, Soap, Hair wash powder and etc let us calculate the employment opportunity in villages, in our team free trainers are also there to guide on these areas.

This is an inspiration derived from Dr. Khadar on decentralised food production similar to Kadu Krishi model of agriculture.

Next writing will be on the benifits of the oil extracted using Bull driven Ghana and ecology.

Please share this message until it reaches to entire Nation.
written by Naveen Kumar and friends Contact-9945811771, 9972374918, 9686888887, Desiri Naturals.

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