I left my job when my baby was born. My qualifications are technical but my passion is Art. As long as my baby was home, I was busy but when he started school, as a housewife, my time was dragged into cooking, shopping and meaningless gossip!

My life was going on a downward spiral with no achievements to feel good about.

After a meeting with Poornapragya, I realised I have so many options. I understood my strengths and limitations, I understood my goals and plans and could clearly see a path.

Poornapragya helped me plan my housework so that I have time for learning new courses. And the courses they suggested are not random, they are stepping stones to a career that I can really excel at. I have so many choices, I could work in a job, as a freelancer or as an entrepreneur in the field I love.

My life is exciting, my son learns from my active life, I am confident that I can make a career and also have a great balance with family life.

My husband and in-laws are also happy that I am feeling fulfilled!

— Vijaya L.

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