After last few years of attending tuition, my son thinks it is a waste of time. He says he can study on his own. But having never done self-study, he was blank on how to study effectively.

Also, he was not competitive, so he was not getting good marks. He is in Class 10th now, a very important year, we cannot afford to experiment now.

We met Poornapragya to chalk out a goal for him, so that he is motivated to study.

They did that, but also helped out with my son’s most effective learning style. They described his ideal study environment, various study styles, tips, books and practice methods that would work with his learning abilities.

They made us realise that we as a family are a team to encourage our son in his education and career.

Thank you Poornapragya. We all are now on the same page about  his future and I am hopeful about it as I have received many workable solutions that will work for my son.

— Parul M.

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