My son loves open spaces and wants to serve the nation’s defence forces. But he was not interested in studies. I got really worried when he was in 10th std and approached Poornapragya.

They evaluated my son, his strengths, interests, long term goals and his personality.

As a mother, I could relate to all my son’s strengths. They were very correct. But the way they put up these strengths and related them to futuristic job options was an eye-opener. I learnt a list of careers my son could excel at.

My son was only interested in joining the defence forces. But when he realised how all his strengths were suited for the defence services, except that he has to get some minimum marks to join the defence, he immediately became very determined and studied hard.  So, he got good marks in 10th.

He is continuing the hard work even now and will definitely go forward and serve the country. I am satisfied with the hard work he is putting in studies now.

— Lakshmi S.

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