My daughter does not like Maths, but she could analyse Businesses. I could see her as a lawyer, but she hated the idea!

What education paths could we pursue? What are her strengths? How could I help her reach her potential – because I am determined that she will study and be in an independent career that she should love!

Poornapragya helped me understand my daughter – the words they used and their examples of incidents described my daughter completely. I saw that they were able to evaluate my daughter correctly.

Then, they gave a list of careers that my daughter would enjoy – and I saw her excitement to research those careers!

Now, I can analyse any career/job/work and relate them to my daughter’s uniqueness and make the right decision.

And whenever I came across anything, I just had to whatsapp my query and I would receive a suitable reply, because my daughter’s analysis was already done by them, they were able to help in different ways on different queries.

I highly recommend their ability to understand a family’s requirements and limitations and their ability and commitment to work towards a bright future of the child.

— Venkat G.

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