Change is simply a word, yet it carries a lot of weight. It may appear that using the term “change” is simple, but in retrospect, we realize that instilling “change” in ourselves, as individuals or as a community, was quite tough.

Consider the age of kings and compare the practices then and now to see whether there is any change. Many old rituals had stopped when a few intelligent individuals realized the unfairness in those practices and tried to get them abolished. It was challenging, there was resistance, it took time but change happened and we are more enlightened.

For instance, when I connect with youngsters today and listen to them voice their minds with confidence, I feel grateful and proud of all our great forebears who battled for gender equality and education.

The millenials in 2021 are keen to explore new career opportunities. It astounds me how much knowledge today’s children gather regardless of gender.

Despite the fact that we like to celebrate freedom and progress, I still come across a few people that leave me with a lot of unanswered questions.

Have we truly achieved gender equality? Are the parents of the millenials really in sync with the thoughts and actions of their children? No!! Sadly, no!! Even though we live in an era of equality, women have even reached the space, women have created vaccines during covid, they have participated with equal fervour whether politics, arts, science or wars or pandemic but there are still a few people who possess very limited views.

While the advancement of our children makes us proud of their accomplishments and knowledge, the warped views of some parents diminish our joy. I regularly meet parents who want their son to be an engineer or doctor, but would be content with their daughter pursuing a simple degree program.

When questioned, they state that a girl will have to marry and care for her home anyway. So it is fine for her to get a basic degree, but a son who is the breadwinner and will also be responsible for his parents should pursue a professional degree in order to increase his work opportunities.

In our generation, girls had to put in a lot of effort to become accomplished women.

Women in our generation have repeatedly demonstrated that they are capable of managing their marriage, career, kids education and elder care. In a nutshell, a woman can be a multi-tasker, given the right support, encouragement and opportunities.

The Next Generation has a plethora of role models and heroes to follow, but are their parents trusting them to make their own choices?

Why should a parent limit themselves when the youngster has the ability to reach the sky with only a little encouragement from the family?

Every parent of an adolescent should ask themselves – What do I see for my child’s future? Look in the mirror and ask yourself if it is fair to sell your daughter’s future for the greater possibilities for your son’s future.

In spite of many awareness programs many people refuse to integrate into the modern society and accept the fact that gender does not matter, and that with the right upbringing and education, any child, male or female, can bear the responsibility of supporting the family.


Dear Parents,

I feel you love your son and daughter equally and you are proud of their accomplishments. Keep the same love and pride, add some trust, and let your children experience the world through their eager eyes and fly high. All they want is your Love, Trust and Support.

Thank you.

All the best to the young guns of our Country.



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